How Fortress Anchors Became the World’s Best Anchors

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Fortress Anchors’ story began in 1986

Our founder, Don Hallerberg, experienced a series of anchor failures at sea. He knew there had to be a better, and safer, way to anchor. He went to work and he created an anchor out of light weight high tensile aluminum-magnesium alloy, without any welds that could fail. The result was the Fortress Anchor, a light weight anchor that could easily be disassembled for stowage, who’s parts could easily be replaced.

Don put the Fortress Anchor to the test in over 20 world wide, including the Biscayne Bay Challenge where a 69 lb Fortress Anchor brought a tug boat at full steam to a complete halt. The line eventually separated and snapped, but the Fortress Anchor was brought to the surface without a scratch. There was also the Chesapeake Bay Test where independent researchers tested the Fortress against 12 different anchor configurations, and the Fortress was shown to hold stronger and set faster than each alternative.

Today, Fortress Anchors are still proudly made here in the USA and we still offer our industry-leading lifetime parts replacement warranty.

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