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Fortress Anchor Reviews

Roll over any logo to see Fortress anchor reviews and testimonials from boating magazines and marine experts from around the world! In test after test conducted around the world, no anchor has set faster or has matched the holding power of Fortress!
The Fortress anchors had far
greater holding power than
any other anchor tested.
– The United States Navy
"A well made aluminum
anchor is at least a viable
alternative to the various
already proven designs in
steel... the Fortress anchors
tested highest."
– Sail
"We tested the lightweight
Fortress FX-23, and the
results were remarkable!"
– Bateaux
"Fortress carries the 'form,
not weight' theory to its
logical conclusion."
– Power & Motor Yacht
"The Fortress set very
quickly during our tests. It
outperformed all the other
anchors by a significant
– Yachting Monthly (UK)
"We were astonished by its
holding power of more than
3 tonnes, equivalent to the
cable load of a 12m (40ft)
yacht in a hurricane."
– Voiles et Voiliers (France), Jul. '09
& Yachting Monthly (UK), Nov. '09
"The perfect anchor?
We like Fortress!"
– PowerBoat Reports
"Fortress represents the best
in anchor technology."
– Yachting
"The Fortress is hard to beat.
We continue to be impressed."
– Practical Sailor
"The Fortress Anchor
outperforms other anchors
of comparable size."
– Cruising World
"Fortress makes it practical for
boat owners to carry a large
storm anchor they might
previously had no room for."
– Motor Boating & Sailing
"The Fortress FX-7 wins again
on our second test with
impressive performance."
– Nautica (Brazil), tests conducted in '96 & '10
"With its light weight, quick
setting and retrieval, enormous
holding power at a variety of
scopes, and easy stowability,
the Fortress ranked high
among all the anchors we tested."
– Sail, Oct. '06
"Be assured that on the
combination of anchors and
the clay type bottom we tested
in the published test, the
Fortress anchor performed
absolutely best."
– PAKRYSS (Sweden)
"The Fortress's ability to dig
in instantly and hold was
astonishing - especially as it
weighs only 22 lb, one of the
lightest anchors tested."
– Yachting Monthly (UK), Dec. '06
"After almost a full year of
heavy-duty cruising, there is
no way I would revert to the
old heavy steel anchors again."
– Multihulls, 300 Day Cruising Test
"The Fortress FX-23 attained
far superior holding power than
its much heavier opponents."
– Neptune (France)
"Fortress anchors have at
least twice the holding power
of the other types tested."
– Practical Boat Owner (UK)
"The Fortress is the best
fluke type anchor we have
ever tested."
– Pontoon & Deck Boat
"I've used a Fortress as my
primary anchor in sand and
mud bottoms for more than
20 years. I have found the
Fortress to be thoroughly
– Elbert S. Maloney, Author
"Chapman's Piloting & Seamanship"
"The Fortress FX-16's
holding power is excellent in
all conditions."
– Trailer Boats
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