Fortress Fluke Position

Two Fluke Angle Positions Available

The Fortress anchor can be re-assembled from the normal 32 degree angle to 45 degrees to increase holding power in soft mud bottoms by as much as 400%!

To change the fluke angle from 32┬░ to 45┬░

  1. Loosen the nuts on the clips that are attached to the flukes.
  2. Slide the narrow rounded rod (called the stock) through the crown and out the other side until it goes through the shank and clears both sides.
  3. Then, push the flukes forward on the crown toward the shackle
    end of the shank, and you will see another hole in the crown.
  4. Re-assemble the anchor with the stock going through this other
    hole, which should be covered with a sticker that says “Soft Mud
    Anchoring only”.

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