Captain Dave Marciano: Behind Wicked Tuna

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Captain Dave Marciano is Captain of the Fishing Vessel Hard Merchandise and one of the stars of the hit reality series Wicked Tuna on National Geographic

Dave Marciano is best known as a cast member with the hit reality TV Show Wicked Tuna on the National Geographic Channel. For much longer than that, he was known as Captain of the fishing vessel Hard Merchandise.

Dave has been fishing for decades, and long before the TV series aired, fishermen around Gloucester knew the name Dave Marciano. Dave Marciano - Wicked Tuna

Despite his celebrity status, Dave is still very much a working man who makes his living off of the ocean. He is also a father who invests into the upbringing of his children.

Dave came onto American Made Boating to discuss his life, his time on the show, and fishing. This was an excellent episode, and you’ll be sure to see a side of Dave you haven’t seen before.


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