Ken Clinton: Building Intrepid Power Boats

 In American Made Boating Podcast

Ken Clinton is the President of Intrepid Power Boats, and has been running the company for ten years.

Ken Clinton started working at Intrepid back in 1991 after spending time working on submarines in Groton, Connecticut.

Under Ken’s leadership, Intrepid has pushed the boundaries of what people would expect from an outboard boat manufacturer bringing innovations that have separated it from virtually all of its competition. Intrepid brings customization to the extreme, and no two Intrepid Power Boats are the same. Prior to building an Intrepid, Ken and his team create a full scale model of the boat and how it should look from the inside. This is so he can get a true feel for how the boat will come together before it’s constructed. As he says, there are a lot of ideas that look good on paper, but until you are actually there standing in the model, you don’t know for certain whether or not they will work.

In addition to that, Ken has proven himself to be a great leader. Intrepid has been able to attract some of the top talent in the industry. The employees who build Intrepid Power Boats are true artisans who build everything to the highest standards.

In this interview, Ken and Chris discuss Ken’s business philosophies, his story, and where he’s taking Intrepid in 2021. Whether you’re a new boater or an old salt, you’ll be sure to get a whole lot out of this one!


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