Fortress FX-37 Model Chosen by F/V-TUNA.COM Captain Dave Carraro

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Nowhere is it written that an anchor needs to be heavy to be effective. With a weight of 21 pounds, the Fortress Anchor FX-37 is easily deployed, yet, in hard sand and 30 kts of wind, it holds up to 12,000 lbs. That’s why Capt. Dave Carraro, renowned for his adventures on National Geographic Channel’s series Wicked Tuna, outfitted his 44′ Calvin Beal F/ with a lightweight and highly efficient Fortress FX-37.

The Fortress FX-37 is engineered for boats 46’–51′, and even-though Capt. Carraro’s vessels is categorized under the established FX-37 boat length parameters, the anchor has functioned perfectly, and adapted nicely to the F/ adventures. Like all other Fortress FX’s model, the anchors can be adjustable to 32° or 45° degrees for different seabed conditions, angling the shank and sharpened flukes to optimize the anchor’s holding power.

The anchor deploys effortlessly from a bow roller or by hand. Rustproof and non-magnetic, the Fortress FX-37 is made in the USA from a precision-machined, marine-grade, aluminum-magnesium alloy. Unlike comparable steel anchors that weigh twice as much, it can be disassembled for stowage and has no welds to fail.

“I can’t compare Fortress to any other anchor after 40 years of fishing,” said Capt. Dave Carraro. “It’s lightweight, holds like a mooring and durable.”

Capt. Carraro holds a USCG 100-ton masters license and is also a charter fisherman. His website can be found on

Fortress Marine Anchors’ Fortress FX-37 costs approximately $499, and you can purchase Capt. Dave Carraro’s’s Fortress Anchor by Clicking Here.



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