“Outer Banks” Series Cameos Fortress Anchors

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Fortress Anchors Makes a Cameo on “Outer Banks”

If you’ve watched Season 2 of “Outer Banks” you might have noticed a familiar item in the opening scene of Season 2, Episode 4: a Fortress FX-11.

The scene opens with John B. driving a Fortress Anchor into the sand.

“We were completely surprised to see a Fortress on the show” said Fortress General Manager, Chris Albert. “We’re huge fans of the series, and when I saw it, I literally jumped off of my couch with excitement.”

The series, which just released it’s second season, is filmed in South Carolina, and set in coastal North Carolina. It’s protagonists’ daily lives are filled with boating and marine activities, which makes it really fun to watch.

Boating has seen a massive rise in popularity throughout 2020 and 2021, and marine activities are a mainstay of the culture in the Coastal Carolinas, where Fortress Anchors are extremely popular for their proven ability to hold.

Fortress Anchors have been made in Fort Lauderdale, Florida since 1988 when the company was founded. Known for it’s light weight, and superior performance, Fortress has proven it’s superior holding power to heavier steel anchors in over 20 worldwide independent tests.