What’s the Difference Between a Fortress and Guardian Anchor?

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What’s the Difference Between A Fortress And Guardian Anchor?

Whether you’re working with a Fortress or a Guardian Anchor, you can be sure that your anchor was manufactured to the highest standards right here in the USA. Both anchors are made from premium quality aluminum magnesium alloy, both are lightweight, and both perform excellently in sand or mud bottoms. Both are also corrosion and rust resistant due to the material they’re made from.

The Fortress Anchor

Our flagship line, Fortress Anchors, have some key differences from the economy Guardian line. Fortress anchors come with an anodized finish and a hand painted shank. Additionally, Fortress Anchors feature a 45 degree fluke angle setting for extremely soupy mud, in addition to their normal 32 degree setting for sandy and normal muddy bottoms. Fortress Anchors also come with a hassle-free lifetime parts replacement warranty.

The Guardian Anchor

The Guardian line lacks the anodized finish of the Fortress. It’s shank also lacks the tapering, and it has a single 32 degree fluke angle setting for sand or mud. Guardians are backed by a one-year parts replacement warranty. Based on years of testing the benefits of Fortress Anchors, the Guardian line provides a high-performing anchor at an affordable price.

This video will take you through some of these key differences and will show you why you can’t go wrong whether you choose Fortress or Guardian as your anchor of choice.