Win a Free FX-7 Through Born Again Boating’s Technician Tuesday

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Win a Free Fx-7 with Born Again Boating!

Fortress Anchors has teamed up with Born Again Boating to run a giveaway. We’re giving away a free FX-7 to one lucky winner who enters Born Again Boating’s contest.

In this video, Born Again Boating goes through some basic techniques for anchoring on a sand bar. Don’t miss this awesome instruction, or your chance to win a free FX-7!

Fortress Anchors are superior in both durability and performance to other anchors. All of our anchors are made in the USA and our FX series comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime parts replacement warranty.

The FX-7 featured in this video is good for boats in sizes ranging from 16′-27′. Our anchors can accommodate boat sizes up to 150′.

You can find Fortress Anchors, as well as the Guardian Anchor series, at your local marine stores, or right here on our online store.

Born Again Boating

Born again boating is one of the most informative channels on YouTube when it comes to boating. In this video, they go into detailed instructions on how to anchor on a sandbar.

Each week Born Again Boating puts up Technician Tuesday. This is where they go through the most technical aspects of boating.

Right now is a great time to brush up on your skills. So head over to the Born Again Boating channel and subscribe today.