1.2 Key Selling Points: The Fortress Lifetime Parts Replacement Warranty

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Fortress Anchors Industry-Leading Lifetime Parts Replacement Warranty

Fortress Anchors offers an  lifetime parts replacement warranty on all Fortress Anchors and a one-year parts replacement warranty on all Guardian Anchors.

How to Qualify for the Warranty

The warranty is for original purchasers of the anchor. Anchors that have been resold do not qualify for the warranty unless they were purchased with a vessel from an OEM boat builder.

The warranty applies to the shank, flukes, stock, and crown of the anchor. It does not apply to mud palms, but new mud palms can be purchased from our site at a nominal cost.

Here are the other qualifications:

  • Repairs have been made or attempted by others
  • Unauthorized modifications or alterations have been made
  • The anchor has been used to moor a vessel larger than the size recommended for a particular anchor by Fortress Marine Anchors
  • The anchor has been abused, misused or improperly maintained
  • The anchor has been used for military applications

How to Register an Anchor for the Warranty

We highly recommend that you encourage customers to register for the warranty as soon as possible after purchase. This can be done either by returning the registration card that comes with the anchor, or by going to our site at https://fortressanchors.com/warranty/register/

How to Make a Warranty Claim

Warranty claims can be made on our site at https://fortressanchors.com/warranty/replacement-parts-form/

Customers will be asked to upload their proof of purchase and pictures of the damaged anchor on the form. If they have previously registered the anchor, they will not need to upload their purchase information.

Warranty parts are sent out free of charge, but customers pay for shipping.

Customers in the UK and Europe

Through our partnership with International Manufacturer’s Direct Sales, customers in the UK and Europe can now fulfill their warranty claims within 2-3 days. Both UK and European customers have a separate claim form, and these can be found below.

For EU customers: CLICK HERE

For UK customers: CLICK HERE

What Your Associates Need to Know

We try to make the warranty process as hassle free as possible for our customers, and also for our retailers and distributors. You do not need to accept warranty claims in store. Customers should contact us directly and we will fulfill the warranty claim.

If you have any questions about anything, please contact us at orders@fortressanchors.com.