Captain Dave Marciano of Wicked Tuna Chooses Fortress Anchors

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Fortress Anchors Holding Down the FV Hard Merchandise and FV Falcon for Captain Dave Marciano

As fans of boating and fishing, we’re also huge fans of the show Wicked Tuna on the National Geographic Channel. That’s why we were thrilled when Captain Dave Marciano, owner of the FV Hard Merchandise and FV Falcon, called us up and told us he needed anchors for his vessels.

It’s also been our honor to serve the US Navy and US Coast Guard, both of whom utilize our FX-85 and FX-125 anchors, and knowing that professionals like Captain Dave Marciano choose Fortress, is very humbling. Fortress is also the anchor of choice for Two Conchs Charters, and we are currently being featured on Two Conchs Sportfishing TV, an instructional series that Captain Jack Carlson is live streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and IGTV.

Wicked Tuna

Be sure to check out Wicked Tuna on the National Geographic, with a new season airing later this year! Dave has been a central figure on the show, which has been on for 9 seasons. In the past, we have also provided anchors for Captain Dave Carraro of the, who’s been featured both on Wicked Tuna, and it’s spin off, Wicked Tuna Outer Banks.