Fortress Anchors – Frequently Asked Questions – When Should You Use the 45 Degree Angle Setting?

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When Should You Use the 45 Degree Angle Setting on a Fortress Anchor?

Among the unique features on a Fortress Anchors is a 45 degree fluke angle setting for silt and soupy mud in addition to the 32 degree setting that is native to both Fortress and Guardian Anchors. One of the most common questions we get is: “When should you use the 45 degree angle setting?”

Understanding this is important because using the 45 degree angle setting in the wrong conditions could prevent your anchor from setting or holding a set, which could cause your anchor to drag and create some serious safety issues.

Under most conditions, you will want to stick to the 32 degree fluke angle setting. These include hard or soft sand and mud. The 45 degree fluke angle setting should only be used in extremely soupy mud or silt. By extremely soupy, we mean almost liquid.

Some customers mistakenly believe that the 45 degree angle setting would lead to a stronger hold in sand or mud. This is not the case! As stated above, using the 45 degree setting in anything but very soupy mud or silt will lead to a failure to set.

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When Should You Use The Mud Palms On Your Fortress Or Guardian Anchor?

The answer is: all the time. We recommend keeping the mud palms attached to your anchor as they will help to increase the penetrating power of your Fortress or Guardian Anchor into the sea bottom. All Fortress and Guardian Anchors are sold with the mud palms included. While mud palms are not covered under the Fortress lifetime part-replacement warranty, they can be purchased for a nominal cost here.

What Size Fortress or Guardian Anchor Should You Choose for Your Boat?

The answer is: it depends. We make Fortress and Guardian Anchors for all sizes of vessels. You can find our sizing chart, along with recommendations for line and chain for Fortress here and for Guardian here.

How do I set my Fortress or Guardian Anchor?

We just released a video that will show you how to set your Fortress or Guardian Anchor in deep water or at the sand bar! You can view it below:

How Do I Make a Warranty Claim For My Fortress Anchor?

All Fortress Anchors come with a lifetime parts replacement warranty, and Guardian Anchors come with a 1-year parts replacement warranty. Under this warranty, we will replace any part that is broken or bent free of cost, minus the cost of shipping. You can register your anchor for this warranty here, and you can make claims for broken parts here.

Where Are Fortress Anchors Manufactured?

Fortress and Guardian Anchors are manufactured entirely in the USA! Our factory is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Along with this, the high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy we use to manufacture our anchors is sourced and extruded in different locations across the United States. Fortress is a truly made in America company!