How to Anchor at a Sandbar

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Why Use Fortress Anchors for Anchoring at the Sandbar?

Fortress Anchors are the absolute best sandbar anchor for many reasons.

Traditionally, boaters use Danforth-style fluke anchors for their stern anchors, especially when they’re anchoring at the sandbar. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Fluke anchors are light and easier to walk out
  • Fluke anchors store easily in anchor wells or on bar mount

Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages that many boaters run into when using traditional fluke anchors. First, steel fluke anchors tend to rust and corrode, especially when they’ve been lying in an anchor well or on a mount for a while without being used. Second, these anchors are welded. If they’re damaged, then you have to replace the whole anchor.

Fortress Anchors provide two major advantages here. They’re made out of aluminum, which doesn’t rust, and they don’t have any welds. If part of a Fortress gets damaged, you can replace a part rather than replacing the entire anchor.

Beyond that, Fortress Anchors are backed by a lifetime parts replacement warranty. So if a part does end up getting damaged, we replace the part free of cost minus the cost of shipping.

How to Anchor at a Sandbar

When anchoring at a sandbar, Fortress Anchors can be used on the bow or the stern. We’ve selected a couple of videos that show you both techniques:


The Fortress Advantage

Whether you decide to use your Fortress as your main anchor, or as a stern anchor, it will serve you well. Fortress Anchors have been demonstrated to have superior holding power than other anchors in over 20 independent worldwide tests, and they’re made entirely in the USA.