How to Retrieve Your Fortress Anchor

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How to Retrieve your Fortress Anchor

Having problems trying to retrieve your Fortress Anchor?

Fortress Anchors are known for their holding power, and they set deep.

Sometimes, they set so deep that users get their anchors stuck.

Technique 1: Head the Boat Toward the Anchor

The simplest way to retrieve your anchor is to head the boat into the wind and over the anchor. This will give you a better angle to pull the anchor up without driving the flukes deeper into the bottom.

Technique 2: Swing Around Behind the Anchor

If the initial technique doesn’t work, you can swing around behind the anchor and pull the anchor from 180 degrees.

How to pull up a stuck anchor

Technique 3: Cut the Line and Come Back Later

If the two steps above do not work, then your best bet is to cut the line and come back another day when the tide is low or conditions are better.

What Not to Do

We get a good number of people who try to pull their Fortress Anchors by pulling from the side. This will not come out well. Fortress Anchors are strong, but the shank was never meant to endure pressure from the side. Doing this will only result in a severely bent shank and a need to have it replaced. Luckily, we carry a lifetime parts warranty on all Fortress Anchors, but you’ll be without your anchor for a few days and that means you won’t be able to enjoy your boat.

Video: How To Retrieve Your Danforth Anchor from Captain Keith at Marine Max

In this video, Captain Keith from Marine Max explains the two techniques for retrieving your Fortress Anchor if it’s been set too deep.