The Reviews Are In: Fortress Anchors Are the Strongest, Fastest, and Lightest Anchors

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Here at Fortress Anchors, we know our anchors are the best. However, your opinion is what really matters! We are very thankful that Distant Shores TV and reviewed our product on their YouTube channels, so you can see Fortress Anchors in action – and why they’re the best.

Distant Shores TV Reviews Fortress FX-37

Distant Shores TV tested the Fortress FX-37 through a two-day storm that caused 30-knot winds. They had a main Rocna anchor Fortress anchor placed at the stern. Not only did their Fortress anchor hold in place, but it also set so deeply in the sand that sailors Paul and Sheryl Shard could not dig deep enough to find the anchor. They pulled it out using a winch after re-floating their boat.

Paul and Sheryl said, “The Fortress anchor is the favorite of ours since they’re very good in sand and mud plus they can be disassembled and stowed.” When testing how well the Fortress Anchor sets in softer sand, they utilized the adjustable flukes setting them at a steeper angle.

After placing the anchor in the sand, they increased their boat’s speed to 2500 RPM to achieve “a textbook perfect anchor set.”

Here is Paul and Sheryl’s overall verdict: “The Fortress makes a great second and third anchor. It’s great for use in sand and mud. Because it may be disassembled, you can carry a much larger one than would otherwise be practical.”

Thank you, Paul and Sheryl! Reviews Fortress Anchors FX7

Eric Colby, Test Captain for, tested the three main qualities of Fortress Anchors: stronger, faster, and lighter. Here’s what he found:

  1. Stronger

When testing the 21-pound Fortress FX-37 with flukes set at a 45-degree angle against ten steel anchors weighing between 35 and 46 pounds, the FX-37 averaged 1800 pounds of holding power – far above any of the competing models.

In a separate sand bottom test off the Miami Coast, the 65-pound Fortress FX-125 was tested against competitive steel anchors. The FX-125 achieved 20,000 pounds of holding power.

  1. Faster

The flukes on Fortress anchors are sharpened and the shank is tapered, so they penetrate faster and deeper into the sand. Additionally, Fortress anchors have a detachable set of mud palms that bolt to the crown and create lift underneath to force the flukes down into the seabed for faster setting.

  1. Lighter

Fortress anchors are made from an aluminum-magnesium alloy, so they are significantly lighter than steel anchors. The FX-7 is for boats up to 27 feet long and it weighs 4 pounds. Their light weight makes it easy for virtually anyone to pick up a fortress anchor and toss it overboard, and retrieving the anchor is just as easy.

Thank you, Eric Colby and for reviewing Fortress Anchors!