Make a Splash This Spring: Follow These Tips to Prepare Your Boat for Spring Season

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There’s nothing like the feeling of being out on a boat on a perfect day. But before you can go boating, you’ll need to prep it after a long winter! Whether you store your boat away all winter long or use it sparingly during the chillier months, it’s a good idea to make sure everything is working properly, and that you have what you need before you start using it frequently.

Here are some tips to make sure your boat is ready to hit the water this spring:

1. Check the motor and batteries

If your boat has a motor, take this opportunity to change out any batteries that might need replacing after being unused. Check the oil to be sure there isn’t any water in it before starting up your motor, and let it run for a bit to make sure everything is set to sail.

2. Inspect hoses, cables, and belts

Freezing temperatures can cause plastic and rubber to get dry and brittle. Check all your tubing for signs of breakage, which can include cracks, crunchy sounds, and leaks.

3. Secure the drain plug

If you had the bottom of your boat professionally painted when you got it winterized, check to make sure they replaced your drain plug and that the plug mount was reinstalled with marine caulk. Otherwise, your well will start to take on water!

4. Have your boating requirements and safety features

Have up-to-date registration and permits, the correct fire extinguisher for boating, life jackets, a radio and extra batteries, sound signaling devices, and a first aid kit. Make sure to check that your life jackets fit everyone who will be on board. Kids grow surprisingly fast!

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